Uncle Henry's Garden

Stanley and Swana Chepaitis, owners.

Who we are:

At Uncle Henry's Garden, we grow produce using natural, non-chemical methods to supply both local markets as well as the members of our CSA. We put great effort into building healthy, living soil and to working with nature in a sustainable way. We are certified with an organization called "Certified Naturally Grown." We are inspected yearly to insure that we adhere to their standards, which are as demanding as organic certification and preclude the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Our produce is grown in Indiana County, PA. . We produce our own compost and use only natural materials and methods for fertilization and weed and pest control. We strive to grow the most flavorful and nutritious varieties of vegetables, mostly heirloom and open pollinated types.

Our CSA:

A CSA is a community people who purchase a membership share in a farm. Members then receive the returns on their share in the form of weekly produce deliveries (minimum of 20 per season). The season typically begins in May and goes into November, ending around Thanksgiving. Our members pick up their weekly produce on Monday afternoon  at our Indiana site which is at 749 South 5th St, Indiana. Our Murrysville members pick up their produce at the Murrysville Center for the Healing Arts.

CSA Membership:

A Family Share membership costs $550, which works out to $27.50 per delivery or less. A Regular Share membership costs $350, which works out to $17.50 per week. Members with families of four or more, or members who want larger quantities of produce to eat fresh or preserve should choose the Family Share.

 We make sure that the produce you receive is a great value compared to local grocery prices which we cross reference weekly. While individual weeks at the beginning and end of the season might be worth

a little less than this, most weeks in midseason will

exceed that value. In addition, you will know that you are getting chemical free

food, raised by time honored methods in rich healthy soil.

Becoming a CSA member:

Go to our application form, fill it out, and arrange for payment. We have some

payment options listed there, but you are welcome to work out a payment

schedule that works for you. Our email and phone are listed on the contacts

page so just get in touch, we would be thrilled to hear from you and work out

a membership plan.